North Carolina School Attendance Policy

North Carolina School Attendance Policy

Every school admits better attendance is a crucial part of success. Every school must make attendance compulsory every day. Absence and unpunctual students have affected their studies and potential to be successful.

When a student is absent from class, their father/guardian should write down the reason and whole absence with a signature at the beginning of the day. North Carolina School Attendance Policy Law obligatory that absences should be registered. The school social worker has collected too many unforgiven absences.

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If you have any queries about attendance or unpunctual pupils, please connect with your child’s school social worker or the school teacher.

Points for Better Attendance

  • Create a routine of setting up an alarm at a young age.
  • Keep your clothes ready at night for the morning.
  • Make sure your lunch is ready before going.
  • Always check your bag and do all the homework given by the teacher
  • Sleep well for about 9-10 hours to refresh your mind.

Justify Absences

These excuses must be accepted as absences are followed by:

  • Sickness or Wound: The student is incapable of going to school because of sickness or wound.
  • Quarantine: The separation of a student command by any health organization/hospital.
  • Deceased of any household: The death of any family member, for instance, parents, siblings, or grandparents.
  • Medical appointment
  • Court of law: The child must attend court hearings for governmental policy.
  • Academic Chance: An academic activity to take benefits for the future. You should submit an educational form signed by the Dean/principal.
  • Soldierly Placement: The child’s parents/grandparents are placing/moving to another place. Strictly allowed five days of absences only.

Legally Necessary

Three letters will be sent to parents by social workers for unaccepted absences.

  • First letter for 3 unaccepted excuses: This letter is for issuing 3 unaccepted excuses and not receiving notes from parents for eight legal reasons.
  • Second letter for 6 unaccepted excuses: Social worker collects absences from start of pupil’s school.
  • Third letter for 10 unaccepted excuses: This letter was sent to parents to make a meeting with the school teacher/social worker to prevent them from taking punishment.

Following The Letter

On condition that attendance goes on with 10 days of meeting, at that moment, the social worker has legal action to take:

  • The social worker reached out to the Cumberland County courthouse, and the parents/guardians will meet with the school teacher/social worker. All parties will provide a cooperative solution to this situation.
  • Social workers can also proceed to a court of law on compulsory attendance, and they bring all parties in front of the judge. This may cause jail and fines as well.
  • The Organization of Social Workers and Child Protection will decide to file an academic failure to look after.

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