North Carolina Principal Evaluation Process

North Carolina Principal Evaluation Process

According to the rules of 2006, the NC education system has changed the law to introduce a new System that reflects the 21st-century vision. Before that, an administration was responsible for leading the staff. Now, they have changed the designation to executive to operate complex tasks. This initiative took place to gain high performance and development in the NC school education system.

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To become a school executive principal, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) announced new rules and regulations for the evaluation process. Every district might have a differ evaluation process for the school executive principal.

The North Carolina Principal Evaluation Process shall include the following:

  • Outline by onboard discussion
  • initial evaluation
  • Business Analytics
  • Assessment
  • Progress towards performance
  • Training
  • Expert panel
Achievement LevelsNCDPI sets rules and regulations for principals
Assessment ToolProven Tools for Assessment.
Suggestion and ReviewsRegular suggestions and reviews from controller
Proof GatheringCollecting proof for headship
Self-Analysis and AimAchieving goal by evaluating self
Professional TrainingCareer training after entering the workforce

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