How To Apply For NC Education Lottery Scholarship

How To Apply For NC Education Lottery Scholarship 2024?

The main objective of the NC education lottery scholarship is to fund those deserving students who cannot afford fees and college expenses, so the general assembly passed the bill in 2005 for the establishment of ELS for aid allowance and contribution.

Application Requirements:

  • Must be a North Carolina local.
  • Choose six hour credits per semester in the program
  • Good Academic records for general requirements
  • Must have matriculation, diploma, or certificate as an undergraduate student in an accepted NC institution.
  • Student Eligibility for Pell Grants is less than $5000

According to the Federal Student Aid Application, the grant value scale varies from $99 to $3,399 per year.

Completing The Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):

The online application form is available on site to fill out all the information to get enrolled in FAFSA aid for NC universities and colleges

Submitting Additional Documents:

Check your particular college requirement and make sure to submit in case they need more additional documents other than FAFSA

Financial Aid Award Letter:

After all the documents have been verified, you will get a financial aid award letter from your college.

Receive & Accept Your Financial Aid Offer:

Some other necessary information in your reward letter to accept your NCELS award, This will require logging into your account and getting the help from financial aid office.

Maintaining Eligibility:

You will always need to maintain your academic records and complete all the eligibility to stay enrolled in FAFSA annually

Scholarship Renewal:

Submit all the necessary documents and FAFSA to renew your scholarship

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