NC School Report Cards

NC School Report Cards 2024

NC School Report Card is a valuable asset that lists all academic student performance and learning progress. It represents student academic progress state-wise as well. Certainly, parents and teachers can have access to the report card on the Internet. Every parent has the curiosity to track a student’s educational interests, and without report cards, parents will be unable to assist their children’s future.

North Carolina Education Portal uploads all student’s report cards on their institution’s websites. Everyone can access their report cards through their portal, and also it is the head of the school department’s authority to inform students and parents about the report card through the link.

Parents can access their children’s report cards at the local library or workplace. The North Carolina Report Card shows students’ academic performance in each subject. The NC school report card was first announced in 2013-2014. The NC grade system gives information from A to F grades. School test scores depend on 80%, and academic growth is 20%.

  • F = 40 or less
  • D = 40 – 54
  • C = 55 – 69
  • B = 70 – 84
  • A = 85 – 100

NC School Includes the following in Report Card 2024:

  • Progress grades level
  • Student’s achievements on the last term or end term
  • English language proficiency checker
  • Learning Involvement
  • College entry
  • Extra course entry
  • College and career pathway
  • Virtual learning
  • Attendance Management System
  • Education requirements
  • Improvements grants for school
  • State and Local Financing
  • Public School Expenditures
  • Arts Education
  • Long-Term Goal
  • National Assessment of Educational Progress

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