NCEDCloud IAM Login – My NC Education Cloud 2024

Ncedcloud portal provides many resources, such as online classes, lecture schedules, education materials, student services, and account book. North Carolina Education Cloud is an education platform that exchanges information content that connects students, teachers, and parents. It is an advanced technology for sharing ideas and information for North Carolina institutions.

Moreover, the NCEdCloud cloud-based platform gives Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots that students can use to learn and fix their problems. For instance, if a student has a query about an assessment, they can ask questions and get solutions. Also, AI-powered chatbots help students get solutions for assessments and homework.

NameNCEdCloud (North Carolina Education Cloud)
Purposee-Learning and educational resources
ManagementNorth Carolina Department of Public Instruction
LocationNorth Carolina
Date LaunchedSeptember 2013


NC Education Cloud is more secure and safe for creating accounts, entering usernames, and resetting passwords. North Carolina Students can access their portal directly using “Scanning the Student QR Code” or by their Username and password.

NCEdCloud Login

  1. Open the browser and enter to visit the Powerschool login site.
  2. Search for the “NCEdCloud student login” button and press on it.
  3. Enter your access details in the box, input your Username and password
  4. After entering your details, press the “Go” button to verify your account

Scan QR Code

  1. Go to “” on your browser.
  2. Tap on the “ Scan QR Code” button on the homepage.
  3. Next, press the allow button so “Rapididentity Web Application” uses your camera device to scan the QR Code.
  4. A QR Code should be placed in front of a camera and not moved out until the code is scanned.

What should you do if you forgot your password?

If you are unable to access your NCEdCloud portal account. Here are the following steps to recover your account.

NCEdCloud Password Reset
Ncedcloud password reset not working
Ncedcloud password reset app
ncedcloud forgot password

Claim My Account

  1. Go to on your browser.
  2. Tap on the “Claim My Account” button.
  3. On this page, Select “Claim Policy” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click on the “Next” button.
  5. Enter your email address and claim code sent by NCEdCloud IAM Service.
  6. Complete the “ReCaptcha” Challenge and Enter “Next.”
  7. Create a Strong password and verify it by entering it a second time.
  8. Answer the questions for recovery and click “Next.”

Forgot My Password

  1. Visit your NCEdCloud Rapididentity Account.
  2. Click on the “Forgot My Password” on the login screen.
  3. Write your Username and complete the ReCaptcha challenge. Press Next.
  4. In the next window, Enter your answer for your challenge questions.
  5. Choose a new strong password according to the password complexity requirements.
  6. Submit your password in the first and second text form boxes for confirmation.
  7. Click on the “Next” button.

Forgot My Username

  1. Open your NCEDCloud Account via
  2. Press on “Forgot my Username” on the portal.
  3. Enter the “Email Address” linked with the portal.
  4. Complete the “Recaptcha Challenge” And click “Next.”
  5. You will receive a username through their portal email.

Change Your Challenge Questions

  1. Sign in to the NC Education Cloud.
  2. Press on your Profiles underneath the application tab in the left menu.
  3. Change your Challenge questions in the Profile menu.
  4. Enter your responses for the challenge questions in the Update Challenge Responses Pop-up.
  5. Click Save.

How to Access NCEdCloud Applications?

Sign in to your rapididentity portal account
You will see Integrated Applications on the homepage.

Check Your Grades and Attendance in NCEdCloud

PowerSchool Students can check their Grades and Attendance using one tap through NCEdCloud IAM Service. Students have to claim their NC Account one time, which they cannot do twice a year. If you still have not claimed your account. Please read the above steps which are already mentioned in the “Claim My Account”.

Quick steps to check your Grade and Absence:

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. Enter your username and password. Make sure you enter valid credentials.
  3. Now, tap on the PowerSchool Student in the My Applications menu.
  4. You can now view your Grade and Absence in your PowerSchool Student Application. Also, by tapping on a grade and attendance button in the navigation menu, it will take you to check your performance for your attendance and assignment scores for each class.

Print a Student QR Code for NCEdCloud

NCEdCloud Support and Teachers have access to Student QR Badges, to print a student QR badge, a teacher should follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the Profile Tab.
  2. Next, click on the My Students (QR Codes) – Code Tab.
  3. Look for the individual Students or all.
  4. Click the QR Code button.
  5. Tap on the badges to print QR Codes.

Note: Student ID Number is your username

In case, you are having an issue with your password, you should reach out to your teacher.

NCEdCloud History

In 2013, the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) approved a bill for students to fund a digital learning portal called NCEdCloud in all public schools in early 2017.

Moreover, Another bill was approved that authorized the North Carolina Education Department to use $1 million of the education lottery fund to develop this plan, which was used for a better framework for digital learning. The Friday Institute started to work on it in the summer of 2014 and got the final result in August 2015.

This team has received all reports and information from surveys; they have recognized four challenges that will be addressed:

  1. Digital Content and Instruction
  2. Technology framework and gadgets
  3. Competence
  4. Policy and support

This was the first time in history that technology has transformed the education world. This NCEdCloud invention has made North Carolina a leader in Education innovation. They began to innovate, and technology has transformed the schools. Now, North Carolina is the first state with speedy internet in schools and modified gadgets in students’ hands, and they know how beneficial they are.

Why is My NCEdCloud Not Working?

There are many reasons that your NCEdCloud portal is not working; in this short guide, we will teach you some effective tips, How to troubleshoot NCEdCloud any issues.

Here are a few troubleshooting methods:

  1. Check your internet connection
  2. Clear cookies and browser history
  3. Remove unwanted browser extensions
  4. Update your browser
  5. Try on different browsers
  6. Restart your device

NCEdCloud App Features

User-friendly interface

In Powerschool NCEdCloud UI, students, teachers, and parents can easily navigate and understand the portal layout more effectively.

Student Reports and Analytics

Students can track their grades, classroom performance, and examination assessment. Teachers and parents can also check their learning history and overall progress for better improvement.

Course management

Teachers manage the course outline in the NCEdCloud to produce more specific learning experiences.

Social learning and communication

NCEDCloud allows to interact with each other in different ways, such as discussion boards, learning forums, and chats. In their portal, they let them to interact with eLearning content through likes, shares, and comments.

Learning and assessment

In NCEd Login, it’s so easy to access the portal through different devices, check online admission forms, online content for students, learner performance for their tests, exams, and quizzes, and manage their eLearning certificate.

What is UID in NCEDCloud?

UID stands for a unique identifier; it consists of an alphanumeric or numeric string; in NCED, it is PowerSchool UID or 10-digit State Employee UID; if you cannot find your UID, you should contact school support staff.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NCEdCloud



The NCEdCloud app is more cost-effective as compared to traditional training approaches. This cloud-based technology reduces expenses for printing hard copy material and travel.

Collaboration and Team Communication

North Carolina Students are now able to engage in virtual projects, work, and groups with the help of teachers to increase their knowledge. Education boards and chats will give strength to their teamwork and social interaction.

Multiple Learning Resources

This learning cloud system offers text, graphics, audio, and video resources so learner can enhance their learning methods by interacting and engaging. You can watch learning resources again if you can’t understand them for the first time.

Personal Learning

Individual users can customize their personal learning experience, research educational material, and interact with the help desk.


The NCEdCloud powerschool login provides Accessibility and Flexibility as regards period and any place; it allows them to learn and interact with educational stuff anytime and from anywhere around the world.


Teacher Training Programs

Teachers need to have a fundamental knowledge of digital technology to make use of online portals in a better way. Usually, on most occasions, teachers lack basic awareness of technology, and it’s quite difficult for some teachers to learn technology within a short period. Nowadays, with the help of the latest cloud-based technology, it is super easy to operate the portal.

Screen Time and Children

Another key challenge of the NCEd rapididentity is increased screen time. User spend most of their time in front of a screen, which causes them to develop many physical problems, such as bad posture. Teachers and parents should encourage them to do physical exercises and take breaks from the screen.

Internet Connectivity

The NCEDCloud online portal requires a fast internet connection for uploading and downloading high-quality educational stuff. Internet connection is lacking in rural areas, which can directly disrupt the student learning schedule.

E-Learning Devices

Not every Student and institution can acquire and install these high-tech systems such as desktops, laptops, and mobile phones, and the cost of internet connection is high. The government should assist in providing free internet connection and devices to poor educational institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the message “The request is invalid” pops up on your screen, it may be the reason when you go back to the sign screen or you have bookmarked it, which never worked. To enter the portal, go to Then, bookmark the page, and you will access it in the future by clicking on Bookmark. When you directly go to the sign screen, it doesn’t have an idea where to go after signup. It could be the reason you get that error.

If you face a login error, you should contact your local support process for resolution. If the issue can’t be resolved, then they will refer to the Identity Automation Support Community for a solution.

No, the IAM service is not an opt-in service because SSO(single-sign-on) accessibility necessarily needs the user to sign in one time. On that condition, all home appliances are synchronized on time instead of multiple logging.

To Bookmark it, you should use the BookMark Rapid Identity Application page instead of the Login Screen. Whenever you wish to enter, click on the Bookmark.

The Username for both staff and students has a State UID(Unique Identification) Numeric, and the user’s email address can also be the Username if the PSU shows a custom file upload option with a specific “local ID”; the local username process in Active Directory.

Yes, Email is required for both actions. Otherwise, they cannot log in to the portal and cannot perform actions such as “forgot my password” and “forgot my username.” Also, if a PSU wishes to opt-in to Alias ID, anyone who doesn’t have an email address wouldn’t be able to access to take benefits of this feature.

Students and employees are not allowed to edit or change email addresses in their profiles. The Email address was processed from their PowerSchool documents.

When you use private or incognito mode on your web, there will be no cookies or memories will be saved on your browser. As a consequence, you have to log in again. You should disallow private and Incognito modes while logging in.

A strong password should have some requirements, here are listed below:

  1. A username should not be chosen as a password
  2. The Password should be 8 characters and not more than 16 characters in length
  3. Always use upper, lowercase, and numbers in the password
  4. Always include special characters such as @ # % $ ^ & )({}/ etc
  5. For security purposes, always change the password after 60 days.
  1. Log into the portal and press on “Profile.”
  2. Search the “Change Password” button, Click on it.
  3. Enter your current password in the first box, enter a new password in the second, and confirm your new
  4. password in the third box.
  5. Click on “Change Password,” and your screen will show “Your password has been changed.”

You will get updates 10 days before password expiration. Each time when you log in, you will be notified about the password expiration countdown. You will receive this notification until you reset your password. If you fail to change, you will not be allowed to login again in the portal until you complete the password reset.

NCEdCloud Support

Parents, Students, and staff members should reach out to their local school for any help regarding the NCEdCloud Rapididentity Account.

NCEdCloud Inforgraphic
NCEdCloud Inforgraphic