North Carolina University Admission Requirements

North Carolina University Admission Requirements

North Carolina University has different requirements and it requires a good academic record to get enrolled. A student should finish high school records including English, mathematics, biology, and physical sciences.

An ACT or SAT are the only two test score options for students, who have secured a 1400 SAT or above score or a 30 ACT or above score will have a chance to get admitted. School work should accept 45 % of the students which can increase the average up to 100% for admission rate.

If you are an international student outside the US you should need an English proficiency test score when you apply.

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IELTSC1 or 6.5 bands 
TOEFL213 or above
DUOLINGOAt Least 110 

Grade Point Average

The minimum 3.5 GPA must be to get admission to North Carolina University. Some NC Programs require a lower or higher Grade Point Average in different subjects

Reference Letter

North Carolina University might demand a reference letter from their previous teacher and professor. This letter would make a strong educational background.

Requirements of Program

Some programs may require different requirements for getting admitted into NC University.

Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose is needed to be submitted for the program application procedure. It will make your case stronger by presenting skills in writing and views about the institution.

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