North Carolina Teacher Salary 2024

North Carolina Teacher Salary 2024

In North Carolina teachers earn an attractive salary with extensive advantages and opportunities to fill out a career. Teachers earn a handsome salary described by the State. Most North Carolina Teacher Salary depends upon their location, degree, and experience as well.

NC Teacher Salary

This article will tell you the full report and salary details.

Previous year North Carolina teacher starting salary was about $38000 from district and region pay. North Carolina’s average teacher pay was $54800 in 2022-23 from (District + Region pay). According to the recent teacher salary budget passed by the North Carolina state – salaries vary from qualification to qualification. Now, in 2024, a new budget has been announced, and the average teacher salary has increased by 5% from last year, which is almost $60,600, from both state and country pay.

Firstly, a North Carolina teacher holding a bachelor’s degree earns a year between $38,060 and $43.620 salary. Usually, In North Carolina, teachers earn a minimum salary a year from $50,544 to $$53,644. However, teacher salaries make a difference in numbers on a large number of factors such as period of department, qualification, and experience.

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Also, teacher salaries vary from county to county. In Wake County, teachers’ minimum starting salary is $43,500. However, for a teacher holding a master’s degree, the wage increase is $4,923, and the lowest wage increase for holding a master’s degree is $3,688 in Guilford County. A teacher holding an advanced degree such as a Doctoral Degree, Master’s Degree, PhD, or Postgraduate Degree can earn more than $49,790 in Wake County. Also, a wage increase is a minimum of $4,930. A teacher holding the same degree in Cumberland County earns about $44,400, with the lowest wage increase at $4,200.

North Carolina Teacher Salary By County

You can check out the chart below for more county-based salaries in 2024

Cumberland County$43,661$45,580$38,618
Johnston County$44,183$51,381$42,255
Union County$43,661$45,633$39,440
Guilford County$46,999$49,480$43,300
Charlotte Mecklenburg$49,253$50,386$42,590
Winston Salem Forsyth County$46,004$50,930$44,200

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